“Hourglass” was written in August of 2014 at Aaron Schilb’s first apartment in downtown Columbia, Missouri.

Separating himself from a common theme of love, Hourglass was about his acceptance of  a failed attempt at a romantic venture with a girl for whom he had fallen in love, and finally gaining the strength to move on.

“Apparitions arrive and appear to be stories from my past, accusations and lies hate and jealousy, they are gone at last” – Hourglass, Aaron Schilb

These lyrics describe the memories of the girl that had been haunting him. It was Schilb’s first interaction with a girl ‘ghosting’ him – leaving with no goodbye and no probable cause.

“Hourglass” is about the passage of time and that regardless of how terribly things may feel, those terrible feelings will fall away – just like the grains of sand inside of an hourglass – and they will be turned over to begin a new chapter of hope and encouragement.