Carried Away

Aaron Schilb often takes inspiration for songs from his love of Twitter. “Carried Away” was written in the Fall of 2016 after a bout of Twitter venting following (yet another) failed relationship.

“I’m pretty cynical about my love life, but I’ll be damned if I wouldn’t try and fail a hundred more times in an effort to find love again”.

– Aaron Schilb

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 9.39.25 AMThe next day, Schilb’s friend Liz asked “Is this a lyric?”, to which he responded, “not yet it isn’t” Albeit a tad narcissistic to be inspired by one’s own words, he began writing Carried Away about his troubled personal relationship with the concept of love.

The first verse includes notes to his early engagements with feelings of love, the “cherub and a cigarette” is a reference to the first record he truly fell in love with:

Van Halen, “1984”


Van Halen, Schilb’s favorite band, influenced his approach to performing and songwriting; he looks for an unusual perspective or new technique to keep his ideas fresh. Despite “1984” being one of his favorite albums, he refuses to take his vinyl copy of the album out of its sleeve and wall-mounted frame.

Furthermore, Schilb’s high school mascot was the Kewpie Doll (a wonderfully unthreatening and laughable mascot to charge into a football stadium). The cherub with a cigarette is exactly what he felt like: a kid that doesn’t know what he’s doing is bad for him.

The chorus of “Carried Away” is almost the exact transcript of the original 2016 Tweet.

Cause I’ll be damned if I don’t try and fail, a thousand times more,

I’ll be damned if I had to watch you walk out through my door.

Cause every time I fall in love I pray – I’ll be carried away

The second verse is a reference to those who had explicitly said that he would be better off not wasting his time looking for love.

“Everyone I’ve fallen for said, ‘Love, don’t waste your time.”

Though, a self describe love addict, giving up was not an option. Schilb goes on to say,

“There’s no surrender. I won’t turn back.”

Much like the Chumbawamba song  “Tubthumping”, no matter how many times he got knocked down, he got back up again. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Schilb is on a relentless search for love and happiness and no such search should ever be considered a waste of time. Pursuing one’s self love and love for others is immensely important and should never be discouraged. (Though when you’ve just been on a terrible first date, it’s easy to lose faith.)

“Carried Away” is a cathartic resolution of Schilb’s desire to get out of his head, ignore the negative interactions plaguing his romantic life, and press onward in a search for self love rather than romantic love.

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